Colors by Llarowe - Mustang Sally

Holy smokes this is a pink polish. If it won't qualify for Pink Thursday I'm not sure what will. Mustang Sally is a hot pink jelly with matte neon pink micro glitter and purple flakes. This is my kind of polish. Application was smooth, it dried pretty fast and I achieved full opacity with three coats. 

Btw don't forget to vote for tomorrows brand of your choice! Because of some personal circumstances I will be having at lot of free time at the moment. That will result in a couple of blog post per day and one of them will be your pick. Hope you don't mind the large amount of posts :) Enough babbling for now, time to enjoy the pictures!

Until next time, take care!


  1. Wow, det var såååå rosa och sååå läckert. :-)

    1. Nästan så rosa att min kamera inte kunde hantera det :P :D

  2. Vilken färg, fullkomligt lyser ju och det behövs nu :)

  3. Oj vilken pigg färg! :) Kul att du ville vara med :)