Powder Perfect - Mysterium Magnum Collection

Hi cuticle cuties!
I hope that you're having a great day and that you've eaten loads of christmas treats! School and life has been very intense this fall and that's why I haven't posted anything on my blog. If you want to see what my nails look like you can follow me on IG @cilp. 

I have a christmas gift for you! The amazing Mysterium Magnum Collection from Powder Perfect. This collection contains six different shades and I love the variety of finishes. Even though I love holos it's great with creams and glitters once in a while :)

Let's start with my overall thoughts on the collection. All shades are highly pigmented and apply great. The glitters in the glitter polishes spread very well and all shades dry fast with the help of a fast drying tc. I used Digital Flash from Nail Pattern Boldness. I ended up with three coats of each polish, a couple of the shades covered perfectly with two coats but what you see in each picture is three coats :) Let's get started!

Lorelei was a beautiful maiden who was betrayed by her lover and fell to her death from the rocks upon the Rhine River. Since she fell, her song can be heard from the rocks, luring sailors to their death.

Lorelei is a wonderful bright lilac with purple and teal shimmer. It felt so refreshing with a bright shade in a winter collection. I love the colour and it feels like the perfect shade to describe a beautiful maid!
The Griffon is a mythical creature that has been recorded in folklore since the times of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Persia. Frequently depicted as having the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion, the Griffon has been imbued with the best traits of both creatures. 

Griffon is a stunning rusty red holo with greenish/blueish shimmer. It feels like a royal colour and very exclusive just like a mythical creature. 
Werewolf. Shapeshifter. Lycanthrope. These are all names for the same beast. Once a man has been afflicted by this curse, he changes into a wolf during the full moon.

What would be more appropriate than a duochrome polish for a shapeshifter? It shifts from purple to green. I didn't manage to capture the green shift on camera but it is definitely there! Lycantrophe is one of my favourites in the collection, it's breathtaking and it screams Christina.

Fun loving and playful, the fair folk are represented in this delicate pink microglitter Polish. But don’t be fooled by first appearances, as with all the Fae, there is more to be seen upon closer inspection. 

Faerie is another favourite of mine. You guys know that I love micro glitters :) The base is a tinted pink and the glitters spread evenly!

The Leviathan is a gigantic sea monster who inhabits the deepest abysses of the ocean. 

Is there anyone in the nail polish community that doesn't love a denim blue holo? I'd say NAY! Second question, is there anyone in the nail polish community that doesn't love a denim blue holo with glitters? I'd say NAY! This is a very classy colour that is just as stunning on nubs (like my nails) as long stiletto claws. 
Melusina was a water nymph; half woman, half fish, but able to take human form. She met a mortal man and made him promise to let her bath in private as a condition of their marriage. He broke his promise and saw that she was a mermaid as she bathed. Once she discovered his treachery she fled and was never seen in human form again. She lives on in the whispers over the water, protecting her descendants. 
THIS! OMG! I love jellies with glitter. Melusina is stunning, squishy and perfect! Just look at her <3

There you have it! If you're interested in any of the colours Edgy Polish is a Swedish reseller of Powder Perfect and here is the Powder Perfect website. 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holidays! 
Take care and I promise I will talk to you soon <3


H&M - Nerd


I've had some serious problems with my computer tonight. I downloaded the OS X Yosemite beta and Preview and I have been in a fight ever since :P I have reported the problems to the software developers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will fix it soon. 

Time for my #notd. I decided to wear an oldie today. I've had this polish for quite some time but haven't worn it for some stupid reason. This is Nerd form H&M, a creamy nude that works surprisingly well with my skin tone. I have three coats in the pictures, at first I thought that two would do but three coats is definitely a must. I love the combination nudes and neons so I decided to add neon studs close to the cuticles. 

I really like this colour. It has a yellow undertone so if your skin tone also has yellow undertones I would recommend this colour. I'm going to continue my fight with Preview now so I'll "talk" more with you guys tomorrow. Have a great evening!     


OPI - Push and Shove

Hey guys!

I'm taking a break from watching Gravity, man that movie is intense!
Today I decided to give a polish a second first impression. That's actually something that I rarely do. Anyway, the first time I tried Push and Shove I was very disappointed. OPI did really hype it and when I tried it was like, meh. I thought it looked uneven and it showed every ridge on my nails in a very unflattering way. But today I got and idea and I just had to try it. 

I started with the base coat that comes with Push and Shove, it's in a 5ml bottle and is called Lay Down That Base. The I applied two coats of Push and Shove and like last time, all my nails flaws became very visible. So I applied two really thick coats of top coat and waited until the tc was dry. After that I applied a third coat of Push and Shove and it really did the trick. The tc helped create a smooth finish making the ridges less visible. I really like how 'roboty' Push and Shove looks when it's smoother. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it!

I assume that this "technique" can be used with all super metallic colours. I love how great my robot nails look :) Have lovely evening and I'll "talk" to you guys tomorrow <3


El Corazón - 423/128

 Hi lovelies :)

How are you doing today? I hope everything is well!

Today I'm showing you an incredible nail polish. This is 423/128 from El Corazón. Let me rant a little first, WHY CAN'T EL CORAZÓN GIVE THEIR POLISHES ACTUAL NAMES!? So now that I've gotten that off my chest let's talk about the polish. 

423/128 is a wonderful bright purple with small black and white matte glitters. The base is semi-transparent so the glitters from previous layers are visible trough newer layers. I wanted tons of glitter so I applied three coats even though it was opaque after two. One coat of tc was enough for a smooth finish. The only bad thing I have to say about this polish is the name. I love a nail polish with a clever name. Besides that this is a great polish and I think I might have to increase my El Corazón collection :D
That's all for today! Have a great evening and I'll "talk" to you guys tomorrow.



Colors by Llarowe - In the Navy

Hey guys!

I hope you're having a great day! 

Today I decided to wear one of the first CbL's I bought, In the Navy. But when I looked at swatches I was a bit surprise because all the other swatches where so much darken than mine(?). I like this colour as well but I was hoping for something a bit darker. It could be because of fading pigments which seems like the most possible explanation. 

The formula is great, and the polish is very pigmented. You can go for one thick coat or two thin coats for full coverage. I prefer thin coats so I ended up with two coats. In the Navy does dry rather shiny but I decided to add tc anyway to prevent tip wear. 
I like this colour even though it's not as dark and blue as I was hoping. It's more like a semi-dark blurple. That's all for now :) 

Have a great evening and I'll "talk" to you guys tomorrow. 


Nail art Sunday - Longing... For a new government

Hi cuties!

How are you guys today? I'm super duper nervous! Today is a big day in Sweden, the swedish election ends today. Tonight at 8pm we will get a preliminary result and I can't wait. Because of the election I decided to do a manicure the match the political parties that might become our new government. The colours that hopefully will be included are: red (Social Democrats), red (Left Party), green (Green Party) and pink (Feminist Initiative)! 

I used the following colours: CbL - Little Red Corvette. Seahawks Lime & It's Shocking, Dance Legend - Rio2, Enchanted Polish - Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic, Pop Culture Cosmetics - Red Carpet and Nails inc. - Electric Lane Holographic Top Coat. 

I used many different colours, as you can see. You don't need these exact colours. Pick whatever colours you have at home that matches the political party(ies) that you support.

Anyway, this is how I did. First I applied the CbL's on my nails, I did so by applying he polish on a sponge and  gently dabbing the sponge on the nail. I got a really nice gradient but unfortunately it kind of disappeared when I added the glitters. I also applied the glitter with a sponge and that is something that I recommend that everyone does. The you get loads of glitter but not so much actual nail polish (that's a good thing). When I had applied the glitters I added on coat of holographic tc from Nails inc. and tons of regular tc to smoothen everything out. 
Okay, to be honest. I'm not sure if I LOVE the colour combination. But since today is a very special day, I decided to go for it anyway! So now I wait. Wait for a result that hopefully will mean that Sweden will become a more loving and caring place to live. A place where we take care of each other. A place where we make sure that everybody will have the same rights from birth to death. 

I hope that my swedish readers have voted. If you haven't, then GO GO GO!
If you want to look at other nail art sunday blog posts, head over to Le Lack! Take care, and I'll "talk" to you tomorrow.